New Mass Effect Screens And Character Info

It's nearly here...

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Game Studios has just unleashed more information about its forthcoming space RPG, Mass Effect - due for release in the UK on November 23rd.

Okay, it didn't 'unleash' it exactly, it sent a press release.

You can see the new artwork to the right and below this tale. It concerns a right weird looking character called Nihlus Kryik, which frankly sounds quite exotic to us. Here's just some of what Microsoft says about this chap:

"As a soldier, Nihlus? skills were unquestionable. His attitude, however, often got him in trouble. On several occasions, he disobeyed direct orders to do what he thought was best. Although his instincts were usually proven right, his notoriety grew. Even when he single-handedly routed an enemy patrol, and saved his squad from ambush, his commanding officers berated him for his recklessness. His military career seemed to stall before it even began."

And this is the kind of fighter you've got on your side? Sounds a bit too much of a maverick to us....

See more Mass Effect info on our dedicated game page - right here.


hollywooda 3 Oct 2007 10:32
Im glad this game is on the 360, because for me, this is the game i'd HAVE to buy a PS3 for, its a true next gen title, cant wait to get lost in this game, bring it on........
RiseFromYourGrave 3 Oct 2007 21:20
hes the best character design in the game for me, looks mean as, but i remember watching the trailer and thinking he doesnt sound as cool as he looks, the voice actor didnt suit i didnt think
hollywooda 4 Oct 2007 08:53
I think it refreshing to not hear that, ohh he's got a gruff voice he must be mean & tough, he's obviously an intelligent character within the game, I'm sure Bioware know what they are doing
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