Ninja Gaiden Content Cuts ? The Truth Revealed

Censorship debacle rolls on.

Posted by Staff
We brought you the first news last week of Tecmo's awesome looking Ninja Gaiden and the possible censorship for its European release. To date, the issue has not been settled, with conflicting information appearing all over the web.

Being the bastion of truth and justice that we are, we thought we'd bring you the full story, to save you reading a whole bunch of 'yes it will, no it won't' nonsense.

The game has been submitted to all relevant bodies for a release in all standard European countries. The submitted version is uncut and is exactly the same as the versions in the US and Japan, apart from the standard localisation changes. There are no plans to censor the game at this point. However, if the game encounters resistance that may jeopardise its release, Microsoft and Tecmo will consider a content adjustment. At present, it is thought likely that German trade bodies may object to the decapitation scenes, though as of this point in time, no official objection has been made.

Microsoft and Tecmo will advise the press of any changes that may be made, as and when the situation changes.

So there you have it. We?ll keep you updated.


Pierre Pressure 12 Mar 2004 15:53
How are you knowing this is true? Marie Antoinette sayed this a long time ago and now I say to your author of news "off with his head" if this is not true ;-)
Joji 12 Mar 2004 17:31
Cuts are unnecessary. In a world where GTA is a hit, Tecmo shouldn't be worried. The Germans always have a problem with certain bits violent of games. Maybe it's a guilt thing, who knows. Most adult folk love that sort of violent stuff cause you don't see it everyday. Go Tecmo.
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Rod Todd 12 Mar 2004 18:22
Joji wrote:

>The Germans
>always have a problem with certain bits violent
>of games. Maybe it's a guilt thing, who knows.

What do the Germans have to be guilty about? They are most perspicacious people. Their country is very clean and tidy. Their women have blonde hair and (often) very nice breasts, and are not frequently compelled to pump them up using silicone, or saline. They gave the world Porsche and Volkswagen.

I really am at a loss to think what they might be guilty about.
brainofedsan 15 Mar 2004 13:10
I'm waiting for the headline day when a German gamer eats fellow gamer after meeting, playing Xbox Live.

Do people only play "Violent Games" because they don't see or experience it for real. Or is to hone and develope existing tendancies????

Take out all the violence for the German Release and leave it in place for those who can handle it.

Ps Kraftwerk are Good
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