Japan: DSi LL Doubles PSP Go Life Sales in a Week

One handheld to rule them all

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Japan: DSi LL Doubles PSP Go Life Sales in a Week
MediaCreate has come up with its weekly Japanese hardware figures for the week 16th November to the 22nd - the week of the DSiLL launch.

You may recall that Enterbrain put out its figures for the first two days of sale for the Nintendo DSiLL and came up with the figure of 103,524 from launch on November 21st. MediaCreate differs by around 3,000. That said, Nintendo's new iteration of the DS has still managed to outsell the PSP Go's lifetime sales (54,102) in its first days on sale. PSP Go has been out for four weeks. The PSP goes outsell the DSi though.

In terms of home console, PS3 outsells the Wii and Xbox 360 once again.

Home Console
PS3: 34,752
Wii: 32,844
360: 4,085
PS2: 2,024

DSi LL: 100,553
PSP: 32,752
DSi: 32,070
DS: Lite: 5,051
PSP Go: 4,574


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