Natal Knows You Better than Your Mum Does

In a Demon Seed kind of a way

Posted by Staff
Natal Knows You Better than Your Mum Does
We all know that Microsoft's Natal is coming around the corner in a life-changing, game-changing, pants-changing manner in time for Christmas. What we didn't know until recently was that it will also have the power to know you better than your best friend.

Well, according to Marc Whitten - the General Manager, Xbox 360, Microsoft - Natal is going to get to know you in a way that could verge on either Electric Dreams or Demon Seed if we're not careful.

According to an interview in Fast Company, "...Natal isn't just about gaming -- it's about all living-room experiences. Imagine a sporting event -- Natal could know which team you're for because it sees your jersey, or knows you thought a bad call was made when you yell 'boo.' It learns about you and gets smarter to create a more tailored entertainment experience."

Let's hope you can't blow its circuits by suddenly switching from Man Utd to Arsenal mid-season, who know what could happen.


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