CinemaNow 'Expands' To Xbox 360

But seriously, what's the point?

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CinemaNow 'Expands' To Xbox 360
CinemaNow, a service that provides legally downloadable movies, has updated its 'Media Manager' to allow content to be played through the Xbox 360.

We'll let CinemaNow's CEO, Curt Marvis, tell you about it:

“CinemaNow is on a mission to enable simple and fast integration into our customers’ lives. This upgrade alone makes our entire library of more than 7,000 videos available to the millions of Xbox users who are downloading movies online and watching them on their TVs.”

What he doesn't point out in his pleased-as-punch corporo' gubbins is that said content was already available to those “Xbox users”.

Why? Because the 360 isn't actually able to download the content. Rather, it acts as a “connective device” between Windows boxes (XP and Vista) and your TV. Media Manager will detect your 360 on your home network, you download content to your Windows XP or Vista PC and you'll then be able to play said movie on your TV via your 360.

So the 7,000 movies Marvis brags about were already available to those Xbox owners unless they're I.T. mavericks who don't actually use monitors to operate their computers.

"Fair point", you might say, "but at least now they can watch the movies from the comfort of their living rooms instead of perching in front of a PC monitor."

True, but the upgrade will now enable users to burn the movies they download to DVD.

So, basically, thanks to the 360 you'll be able to spare yourself the epic struggle that is burning a DVD and retain the calories you would have used having to carry said disc to your DVD player.

Well, at least there are options.

If you want to actually download movies with your 360, rather than using it as a pointless middleman, you can still use Xbox Live's video on demand service, at least. Well, if you live Stateside, that is.


king skins 18 Jul 2007 17:01
Wouldn't this have already been possible anyway with a windows xp/vista pc and media connect or the latest version of windows media player?

I was doing something something similar with Sky by Broadband. You can download films that you can watch for 30days and as long as you save these films to a folder on your PC that is being shared by media connect or wm11 then you should stream it to your 360.

I currently have a vista pc with media center, xbox360, MyMovies, Transcode360 and some DVD ripping software ;)
deleted 18 Jul 2007 17:08
in other news

the music industry realises that music CD`s can be played on 360 and points that out as a new and inivative service for all consumers of their products!

dont you love it when someone realises that something works and tries to make out its a new feature.

in fact remember when PS2 was out for a few months and dvds starting advertising on the box, PS2 compatable, like some wernt or something. lol

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