Xbox One in Scramble for Indie Games

Lionhead's creative director Gary Carr talks up "indies"

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Xbox One in Scramble for Indie Games
Lionhead's creative director Gary Carr is - for some reason - talking about Independent Game Developers and how much Microsoft really honestly loves the hell out of them.

Basically, he was speaking about the no show of ex-Sony and now head of Microsoft's European developer relations - Phil Harrison - at this year's E3. Harrison is seen as key to Microsoft's new found love for, well, games as it tries to rid itself of the shadow of Don Mattrick's TV and movie focus. Carr says: "is platform is very soon, don't you worry about that" and then takes on the role of Indie evangelist from the missing in action Harrison.

"I certainly know that Microsoft want to talk at future press events about their relationships with indies. I can't really talk about that, but they're very passionate about building a strong relationship with indie development - indie development is the future," he points out.

Then things get all Double-Speaky: "I've been an indie developer for 23 of my 28 year career, so I completely - there is no future to the games business without independent developers..." he says as man who gave up the Indy life.

"I don't mind having the big players like the Sonys, the Microsofts, the Amazons. I think you need these big giants out there, they kind of hold it all together in some way, but the real driving force of the industry has always been independent development. That's what shapes and changes and creates innovation. I think they can coexist." Bear in mind that he is employed by Microsoft!

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