Microsoft's Phil Harrison Says Don't Worry Core Gamers

Just because Xbox 360 seems to be about anything but games, there is no need to fret.

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Phil and Ken, "back in the day."
Phil and Ken, "back in the day."
In a fit of what can been seen by fellow English folk as massive OTT statement, Microsoft's Phil Harrison has lashed out by saying that, "gamers are going to be pretty well catered for" in the next year or so. This is in the light of the way that some gamers have slammmmmmmmed the Xbox Live experience as being not games enough.

"Game consumption on the console is going up. Entertainment consumption is going up, and is now higher then games," says Phil. But there is more.

"... but games are growing as well. I have no concerns about what that means for gamers, whether they're core gamers or casual gamers or somewhere in between.

"This E3, we have announced that our top five franchises are all returning on Xbox 360 within the next 12 months, and I don't know of many times in a platform's history when that has happened, whether on Xbox or any other console.

So, everybody calm down yeah? K?

Source: Edge


editor 15 Jun 2012 18:42
Oh Phil, looking for a new position!??
Start saying strident comments - call on past glories, all that's missing is a controversial conference speech... DEVELOP anyone?
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