Tepid News: Windows 7 Phone: 40,000 Launch Sales

Maybe not a huge gaming advance?

Posted by Staff
Tepid News: Windows 7 Phone: 40,000 Launch Sales
You know that Kinect launched this week, right? Well Microsoft also launched another game-changer with Xbox Live tie-ins last month with Windows 7 Phone with a $100 million marketing budget.

According to a report today in The Street, "Even with a glitzy media intro last month hosted by champion inside-seller and company chief Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, which spent a reported $100 million on the phone's advertising campaign, sold a mere 40,000 Windows 7 phones Monday, according to a market research source who tracks phone sales."

This number excludes free phones given to 89,000 Microsoft. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft did not comment. T-Mobile - which carries the phones in the USA - stated that the phones were, "already receiving strong interest from our customers right out of the gate."


PaulRayment 11 Nov 2010 10:05
This is a bit has on MS. They don't have that 'must have now' thing like Apple does and to be honest that is a bit creepy from the Apple fanboys and fangirls.

I'm looking at it but can't swap for another six months due to my contract. Give it a year before judging, I say.

Although I have no idea what the benefit is of having Xbox Live on it.
king skins 11 Nov 2010 10:44
I think MS are playing the long game with wp7. Don't think they are interested in first day sales. But where they are going to be in 5 years. They have been saying from the start that wp7 is a long bet.

I've got one and very happy with it. Building two apps for it
deleted 11 Nov 2010 16:39
40.00 a month for it free on o2 is steep! ill be buying in Jan outright.
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