Rumour: Xbox 360 Elite in Europe in August

Priced, apparently, at 499.95 or a well-rounded 337

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Rumour: Xbox 360 Elite in Europe in August
Little known Spanish website La Trifuerza claims that the Xbox 360 Elite will get an August release in Europe and the UK along with a price tag of around 340 (or 350, if you allow for the usual pricing-up that we see over here).

La Trifuerza claims that Microsoft has spoken to them directly, confirming the 499.95 price price and 24th of August launch date of the Xbox 360 Elite.

When SPOnG had a chat with Microsoft, however, we were told, "Sorry, but we don't comment on rumour or speculation."

La Trifuerza's claim seems reasonable, but why Microsoft would dish out this privileged information to it and it only has SPOnG scratching its chin dubiously.


ultimateassmonkey 26 Jun 2007 11:17
Ah poo!!

I just got my hands on a pre-owned premium 360 off my work mate. Did get five games however and all for 225 so not that bad. Just wouldn't have minded this beauty though.

Man these 360's get hot!! Have MS really installed quieter DVD drives in the newer units? What about the cooling system on them?!
Joji 26 Jun 2007 12:42
Original I heard it was gonna be the end of June. August is good though, just on the run up to Xmas.

I'm smell a possible Halo 3 360 Elite bundle going too, considering that's out the following month. If not, I'm sure Game or will whip an offer up quickly.
haritori 26 Jun 2007 21:00
OK so what is the point of the elite?, it has hdmi and thats all it can compared to the premium edition, as the hd can be purchased seprately, sure you get a digital signal but you wont see any difference and 1080p is avalible through analog and if its because you want your hddvd to play hdcp material when and if the studios enforce it then you could probly pick up a combi hddvd/bluray player for 99.99 as they are looking to add this much further in the future in fact probly around the time the xbox 720 (which no doubt will feature hdmi) will becoming avalible at least announced, so again i state whats the point? is it because its black? i dunno someone tell me because im happy with my premium through component and my hd movies look very nice indeed.
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