Microsoft: First Person Shooter for Kinect 'Someday'

It is for the hardcore.... no it isn't... yes it is.

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Microsoft: First Person Shooter for Kinect 'Someday'
Has Microsoft realised that if it alienates the hardcore gamer by piling 'Family experience' (Kinect Adventures) on 'Casual Experience' (Kinectimals), it's likely to lose a huge word-of-mouth boost? Probably.

Albert Penello, senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360 has been fire-fighting, telling Industry Gamers, "I mean the hardest part is really trying to make people understand the same group of people who built the stuff that they love now are working on this stuff, and it’s not about alienating, and it's not about abandoning; it's about expanding."

Good, so, how are we going on one of the key hardcore game genres; the FPS?

"The first thing that comes to mind is the casual types of games, but I'd like to see what a first person shooter would be on Kinect someday. I don’t want to see Halo band-aided into Kinect, because Halo is a controller game, and I think that would be not what we’re trying to achieve. I want to see what a new type of experience would be. And you’re just seeing the first generation of stuff. So, this is really about doing an 'and' thing for us. Getting new types of genres, new types of customers, and then continuing to serve the core with great games."

Yup, we're still confused. Thank goodness that someone is actually developing a hardcore title for Kinect though.


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