Microsoft: No Release Date for Halo 4 Yet

Fake trailer got people all excited.

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Not yet, Master Chief. Not yet.
Not yet, Master Chief. Not yet.
Don't believe everything you see on the internet, kiddies. Microsoft has confirmed that a video on YouTube purporting to be an official announcement of Halo 4's release date is completely and utterly fake.

The phony trailer, which went live on Google's videobox two days ago, is an artsy fartsy collection of special effects played against a rather chilling soundtrack that wouldn't be out of place in a space opera. As wonderful as it is, the video is quite obviously fake.

A lot of people believed it though, probably making sure to book the alleged 21st November 2012 release date off from work. Microsoft, on the other hand, wants you to take it easy. "This is actually a fake," said a spokesperson. "We havenít officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned."

Better unbook those calendar dates. On the flipside, you get to confuse your boss. Won't that be fun? Just tell 'em some jerk on YouTube sent you.

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