Xbox arcade hardware looms

Sega to co-develop MS coin-op: It's a funny old game...

Posted by Staff
Sega has announced that it will be gearing up to begin manufacture of the mythical Chihiro arcade board in the next few months. The machine, based closely on Microsoft's Xbox hardware, is due out at some point next year.

The Chihiro will be co-developed with Microsoft and will be the Xbox equivalent of TriForce, the GameCube compatible arcade hardware co-developed between Namco, Sega and Nintendo.

The Chihiro will be on-line and will fit into the Xbox Live set-up, enabling simultaneous online play of games between the Xbox and the arcade.

At this point in time, House of the Dead III is confirmed for the arcade but interestingly, it is rumoured that Panzer Dragoon may feature too. It's worth remembering that any Xbox title, whether released already or not, will be able to access Xbox Live and link to Chihiro as Microsoft has said time and time again that it will encourage "online add-on discs" to be released.

More as we get it...


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