Microsoft - 100 New Xbox 360 Games to Come

And three years more support

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Microsoft - 100 New Xbox 360 Games to Come
There is life in the old Trojan warhorse yet as Microsoft announces that the Xbox 360 will continue to be supported for at least the next three years. There are also 100 more games to come for the device.

These announcements were made at the Citi Global Technology Conference yesterday, by the CVP of marketing & strategy for Microsoft's IEB Yusuf Mehdi. You can hear the audio at the link below.

Transcribed by Videogamer, Medhi stated that the console was, "It's incredibly profitable now in the tail" and that this meant, If you look at 360, that platform lasted for 7-8 years and it's going to last for another 3 years."

This support will probably mean returns, warranties and service updates. It also indicates, "over 100 new games" we will released.

Listen to the Audio right here.



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