Microsoft Euro Boss - We Will Not Cut Cost of 360

Is PS3's 'unproven tech' worth the £200 premium on the 360?

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Microsoft Euro Boss - We Will Not Cut Cost of 360
In a recent interview with trade magazine, MCV, Microsoft’s European bossman, Chris Lewis (pictured) rips into Sony’s marketing plans for Europe and reiterates that ‘there’s no need to cut 360 price’ even as a PS3-spoiler this coming March.

Following news that Microsoft had reduced its forecast for Xbox 360 sales to the end of June to 12 million (from 13-15 million), Regional VP of the EMEA home and entertainment division Chris Lewis told MCV that, “There are no plans [for a cut]… We’re offering outstanding value and choice – especially when you compare us to our soon-to-be competitor.”

Lewis boasted of “a great Christmas”, which has bumped up the 360 PAL shipment-to-date figure to 3.1m, though he did stress that Microsoft is slightly more “cautious” about sales in the second half of its fiscal year:

“We looked at three things before we made this adjustment: the historical seasonality of sales during the period, the pricing of the product and inventory levels that we have already sold to retailer… We are taking a more cautious view of the market and our second half revenue, and console guidance reflects this.”

Though Lewis is as befuddled as many of us are about his competition, noting that:

“I’ve given up trying to keep up with what Sony is announcing or not announcing… Sony will launch and sell out their limited quantities. And consumers will try to figure out if the addition of unproven technology is worth the £200 premium over Xbox 360."

Are you going to be one of those first few early adopters charged with figuring out what that extra £200 is for? If so, let us know why you are willing to pay that premium in the forum below. Is it for the games, or the Blu-ray drive or the multimedia features? Or a dash of all those things?

(Source: MCV)


schnide 4 Feb 2007 18:27
"We at Microsoft are so confident about the 360's revised positioning with the imminent release of the Playstation 3..

..that we're absolutely slating everything we can about Sony at every opportunity!"
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