Microsoft Goes Goggle Glasses for Gaming

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Microsoft has filed a patent for a pair of glasses for "multiplayer gaming with a head-mounted display" in the USA.

The US Patent Office holds the relevant documents that state that the goggles are, "A system and related methods for inviting a potential player to participate in a multiplayer game via a user head-mounted display device are provided. In one example, a potential player invitation program receives user voice data and determines that the user voice data is an invitation to participate in a multiplayer game.

"The program receives eye-tracking information, depth information, facial recognition information, potential player head-mounted display device information, and/or potential player voice data.

"The program associates the invitation with the potential player using the eye-tracking information, the depth information, the facial recognition information, the potential player head-mounted display device information, and/or the potential player voice data. The program matches a potential player account with the potential player. The program receives an acceptance response from the potential player, and joins the potential player account with a user account in participating in the multiplayer game."

And yes, we did say 'Goggle Glasses'...

Source: US Patent Office.


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