Nintendo vs PS3 vs Xbox 360: UK 2008 Sales

The UK numbers by platform

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Nintendo vs PS3 vs Xbox 360: UK 2008 Sales
Figures released by ELSPA indicate that nearly half of all last year's software sales were on Nintendo platforms in the UK.

Of the 82.8 million games sold last year, 20.1m were for the Wii. That's a 112% increase on 2007. Meanwhile, 19.1m games were sold for the DS. That's 39.2m games sold for Nintendo platforms - 47.2% of all games sold in the UK.

Compared to 2007, the PS3 also did well. 10.4 million games were sold for Sony's next-gen system, a 145% increase on the 4.2m PS3 games sold in 2007.

The Xbox 360 was not left out of the happy New Year news, either. Game sales on Microsoft's system were up 51% on last year to 14.9 million.

While the Wii sold nearly twice as many games as the PS3, it generated 481m (up 112% from 227m) compared to the PS3s 334 million (up 115% from 156m). For its part, the Xbox 360 wasn't too far behind the Wii (and was in front of PS3) in revenue but not growth with 443m (up 38% from 320m).

Meanwhile, the DS generated 366m (up 17% from 314m).

For some reason, no figures were provided for the PS2 or PSP.

All that, combined with hardware sales, added up to an impressive (and record-breaking) 2008 for the UK games industry.

In case you're feeling bamboozled by all those numbers, SPOnG's got the breakdown below:

Wii: 20.1m sales = 481m generated.
Xbox 360: 14.9m sales = 443m generated.
DS: 19.1m sales = 366m generated.
PS3: 10.4m = 334m generated.


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