Digital Distribution Will "Outstrip Traditional Retail" by 2013

London Games Conference to discuss inevitable overtake of digital media.

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Digital Distribution Will "Outstrip Traditional Retail" by 2013
Digital distribution will form a big part of the upcoming London Games Conference on 27th October, as speakers declare that the online retail model will dominate over traditional retail within the next three years.

In what is being described as a "seismic shift" in the games industry, the conference speakers will reveal that 40 per cent of companies in the sector will also be "under prepared" for the sheer pace of the digital model's takeover.

Speakers representing many areas of the industry, including development, publishing, retail and distribution, are all set to explore the advantages and pitfalls of digital distribution and its seemingly inevitable rise to become the dominant medium. Representatives from SEGA, Sony's PlayStation Home and Microsoft's Xbox division are expected to attend and speak on the matter.

One of the key speakers is Nick Parker, of Parker Consulting. He will be detailing how important the 'digital map' will become over the next couple of years. In stating that Microsoft and Sony will release next-generation consoles in the next five years, Parker believes that any shortfall of boxed products from a generational shift will be picked up by the digital distribution model.

"For the first time ever, the games industry has a way of alleviating the pain that traditionally befalls it during generational decline, through online gaming in its many guises its a genuinely exciting time for the industry and the London Games Conference is perfectly timed to discuss these opportunities," said Parker on the upcoming event.

The London Games Conference will form part of the London Games Festival at the end of October.

It looks as if Chips' Don McCabe might have something to worry about then.


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