Japan Hardware: Sony Platforms Edge Victory

RPGs help bolster PS3 and PSP sales.

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Japan Hardware: Sony Platforms Edge Victory
The PlayStation 3 and PSP enjoy a small lift in sales in this week's Japanese Hardware Chart (19th - 25th April 2010, courtesy Media Create), thanks in no small part to the slew of fresh action-RPG games that have hit the Software Top 10.

Home Console
PS3: 25,629 (25,590)
Wii: 23,691 (24,344)
360: 2,214 (2,442)
PS2: 1,490 (1,531)

PSP: 28,758 (28,635)
DSi LL: 16,676 (17,146)
DSi: 10,640 (11,240)
DS Lite: 2,789 (2,869)
PSP Go: 1,544 (1,915)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)

The two Sony platforms were the only ones to experience any gains over last week. The losses were all rather marginal however, with the Wii hit the hardest with 653 fewer units sold. Collectively, the PSP 3000 and PSP Go sales have outsold the Nintendo DS range of handhelds by nearly 200 units. The release of a new Atlus game and Ys title on the PSP has no doubt helped Sony command the portable hardware race.

Sony platforms have dominated for several weeks now, how long can it continue particularly with Super Mario Galaxy 2 out very soon? Time will tell.


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