Xbox One Auto Records FIFA 14 - PS4 Does Not

Key moments from EA's soccer game are automatically saved by one console...

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Xbox One Auto Records FIFA 14 - PS4 Does Not
When you score an outstanding goal in FIFA 14, or make a save that you thought impossible and there's nobody about to celebrate with... well, don't fret - Xbone has your back!

See, when playing FIFA 14 on the Xbox One, it'll automatically record key moments during your matches. On the PS4, though, you'll have to manually edit the last 15 minutes of gameplay that the console has recorded, so says EA.

Our friends over at Sportra recently attended a preview event for FIFA 14 which demonstrated the game on Xbox One - the console would record any goals or saves deemed worthy, and inform the player by popping up with a notification. Players are then able to view the clip in the Xbox menus.

The alternative is the PS4 - as you probably know already, the PS4 is constantly recording gameplay & saving the most recent 15 minutes. In order to save a goal or save, you'll have to manually edit the clip using the PS4s "share" button.


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well whoop dee f**king s**t.
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