Rock Band 2 USA is this Weekend

Instruments to follow

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Rock Band 2 USA is this Weekend
The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2 is on its way to retailers in North America, with the game to go on sale this Sunday.

Similarly, standalone instrument peripherals are on their way. Harmonix, MTV Games and Electronic Arts say that the guitar and drums will be available in the US “later in the week”. There's no word on full bundles as yet.

There are still no details on exactly when the PS3, Wii and PS2 versions will arrive in America, with the official line still being that those versions will be out later this year.

There is also, of course, no word on when we'll get Rock Band 2 on any platform over here. It was only just revealed that we'll get the PS3, Wii and PS2 versions of the first game over here this week.

The pricing for Rock Band 2 in the US will be $60 (€43 or £34) for the standalone game, $90 (€65 or £51) for the drums and $70 (€50 or £40) for the guitar. If the pricing of the first Rock Band over here is anything to go by, expect that to be significantly more in Europe. You will, of course, be able to use your peripherals from the first game.

You can find out more about Rock Band 2 over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


Trevor 22 Sep 2008 15:35
Ok cool. you know where i can import this game? I live in the Netherlands
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