Microsoft Planning 'Holodeck' for Kinect - the Patent Details

United States Patent Application 20120223885 details future of Kinect

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A search of the United States Patent Office reveals Patent Application 20120223885 ' IMMERSIVE DISPLAY EXPERIENCE'. This was filed on March 2, 2011. It's basically a holodeck that incoporates an Xbox and Kinect.

The patent document states, in dry terms with no mention of Kinect that it is for:

"An immersive display environment is provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user. The peripheral images serve as an extension to a primary image displayed on a primary display."

One of the images that accompany the story, however, quite definitely shows a Kinect. The detail in the patent text outlines its use in the room-wraparound system:

"User tracking device 118 (this refers to the Kinect as illustrated in the image we are using in this story) may include a suitable depth camera configured to track user movements and features (e.g., head tracking, eye tracking, body tracking, etc.). In turn, interactive computing system 110 (an Xbox 360) may identify and track a user position for user 102, and act in response to user movements detected by user tracking device 118.

"Thus, gestures performed by user 102 while playing a video game running on interactive computing system 110 may be recognized and interpreted as game controls. In other words, the tracking device 118 allows the user to control the game without the use of conventional, hand-held game controllers."

The description of the patent also talks 3D without glasses as follows:

"In some embodiments, (the) user may enjoy an immersive 3-D display experience without using headgear. For example, (the) primary display may be equipped with suitable parallax barriers or lenticular lenses to provide an autostereoscopic display while (an additional) environmental display renders parallax views of the peripheral image in suitably quick succession to accomplish a 3-D display of the peripheral image via 'wiggle' stereoscopy."

Source: US Patent Office

Note: You will probably need to install TIFF displaying plugins to view the images in your browser. We did, it's a painfully old-fashioned experience but worth it.


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