Microsoft Advertise in Japan illustrating evolution from toaster to erm…

Half a billion dollars gets you a scrumpled piece of paper?

Posted by Staff
Ha ha!
Ha ha!
Famitsu magazine is carrying a double page advert placed by Microsoft for the Xbox in its latest issue. Check out the scans advert here.

This is the first evidence of advertising in earnest for the Xbox. It seems a strange choice for Microsoft to commence their marketing in Japan, considering that the company has yet to announce launch details or a date for the territory. Perhaps the company feels that it has a long way to go in Japan and needs an early start?

We are also having difficulty in understanding how Microsoft plans to spend the half a billion dollars it has pledged towards the marketing of its new baby. The advert shows the design process on allegedly confidential Microsoft paper, which in itself is strange. Why would Microsoft want to hammer home the feature of the Xbox that is most dispised by the Japanese?

The paper shows the Xbox evolving from its “loudest car stereo in the world” initial concept through all kinds of dubious designs. At the end of the ad there is an image of the finalized casing with the triumphant statement reading “Our design is here”

Funny stuff.


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