Xbox Live Arcade worryingly over-priced? $20 for a mini-game?

Microsoft confirms Live Arcade pricing as higher than expected

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Xbox Live Arcade worryingly over-priced? $20 for a mini-game?
Microsoft has been soaking up the praise after announcing its rather enticing Xbox Live Arcade service earlier this year – which enables Xbox owners to download any number of assorted mini-games and retro-styled arcade games. However, an Xbox representative speaking to Gamespot confirmed today that each game would cost between $10 - $20. That’s a disproportionately amount of money for the types of games on offer, especially considering the large number of budget-priced retro compilations (packed with similarly simplistic gameplay) planned for the next few months as standard retail releases.

It seems like a bit of a disappointment; especially considering the amount of praise the Xbox Live service has generally received in recent weeks. However, as chatter about possible business strategies for China gains volume, developments like this seem even more poignant. Could it be that once Microsoft is happy with this rudimentary Xbox pay-per-download system, it will start making fuller products available for download for the pirate-infested Chinese market?

It will be interesting to watch how the scheme takes off, as it could well set a number of precedents for the future of the worldwide industry. Stay tuned.


hreimer 7 Oct 2004 19:05
INSANE!!!!!! Thats WAY too much money, how about 25 cents a play? Wouldnt that be a better strategy? of 2.50 a game TOPS. They will get greedy and eventually this will be rolled in with your live subscription, because they built it and no one is paying.
luigifumero 11 Oct 2004 09:52
yes it is a bit expensive but don't forget that those games come from places like realArcade where they are sold for 19.99$.
Will they have a try before you buy policy like realArcade?
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