Official: Xbox One Price Slashed

Sub-400 Xbox One and TitanFall bundle is confirmed

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Official: Xbox One Price Slashed
Microsoft in the UK is denying that its recently announced Xbox One price cut to 399 from 429 plus an incentive bundle of console + copy of TitanFall is, "...not in relation to the competition."

The bundle and console deals were announced a few minutes ago for the UK as follows: "From February 28th the new UK estimated retail price (ERP) of Xbox One will be 399.99. Xbox One including Titanfall will also be available for pre-order from today at the same price of 399.99." This is not a temporary price cut. This is official and for good. Well, until the next price cut.

In terms of the console cut, Harvey Eagle, Marketing Director, Xbox UK said told CVG, "It's a UK specific announcement on price but the Titanfall bundle is part of a global program that will be announced today."

And it's all down to Microsoft... "We're on our own journey. We're just a few months in to a generation that's going to last many years. We see this as very much a marathon - not a sprint. We're in it for the long haul and this is the next phase of announcements we're ready to make."

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