Xbox Live gets Moto GP

THQ?s US division has announced the release of a trial demo to ship with the Microsoft Xbox Live Starter Kit in November.

Posted by Staff
Dubbed Moto GP: Online Demo, the disc will allow players to experience the world's fastest, most advanced form of motorcycle racing online, with up to 16 other Xbox Live players on three separate courses. As a bonus for those Xbox owners who already own the full retail version of Moto GP that shipped earlier this year, the Xbox Live Starter Kit will completely unlock online play for all of the tracks in the game.

"This is the type of entertainment experience the videogame industry has been moving towards for years. Moto GP is an intense racing game you can play online - not just another online game," stated Tim Walsh, senior vice president, International publishing, THQ. "THQ is very proud to be setting such a high standard with Moto GP as the first third party publisher to deliver for Xbox Live."

We fully expect THQ to make the Moto GP: Online Demo available as one of the two free games in the package, which also contains a subscription the Xbox Live network and a Communicator Kit, when the whole Xbox Live Starter Kit is released in the UK March 2003.

In related news, Telewest Broadband has revealed that it is an official network partner for the Microsoft Xbox Live UK launch.


Susan Wheeler 10 Apr 2005 14:35
is there anywhere I can buy the online demo for moto gp on xbox?
kid_77 10 Apr 2005 14:45
Susan Wheeler wrote:
is there anywhere I can buy the online demo for moto gp on xbox?

Are you talking about Moto GP 3? As I didn't know an online demo available... but surely one doesn't PAY for demos?
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