Halo 4 DLC Gives Us New Maps, Game Type and More

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Halo 4 DLC Gives Us New Maps, Game Type and More
343 Industries has announced the fourth Halo 4 expansion; Champions Bundle. With it, we'll get new maps, a new game type and 'more'..

To elaborate on 'more', what we actually get is:

Bullseye Pack: Two new multiplayer maps, a sports-themed Spartan armour and a new competitive gravball game type called Ricochet

Infinity Armour Pack: Set your Spartan up with impressive and legendary new armour

Steel Skin Pack: Bring an elaborate steampunk style to your UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner weapons

All three packs will be available to download separately, but it'll work out cheaper to get them all with the Champions Bundle.


Edward 23 Jul 2013 12:35
You should check out the Halo 4 - Forward Unto Dawn movie - it's a great adaptation of the game!

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