Final Fantasy XIII UK Special Edition Priced

Priced and detailed.

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Final Fantasy XIII UK Special Edition Priced
Following last night's X10 shenanigans Microsoft has released a blitz of information on useful things like release dates and in one case, a price. That case is Final Fantasy XIII the special edition.

The game arrives on Xbox 360 in the UK on March 9, with the Special Edition bundle costing 249.99. This is, "incredible value".

Why? This is what you get:

"...a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, exclusive downloadable avatar items and a standard-edition copy of the dramatic sequel in the multimillion-selling series. In addition, a very limited number of Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Faceplates have been created by designer Tetsuya Nomura. These faceplates are only available promotionally in fixed quantities across select retailers in Europe."

The company also points out that, "Xbox 360 is the only console outside of Japan to be bundled with the game, available in stores starting March 9, while supplies last. "


EclipseSSD 12 Feb 2010 14:18
Doesn't seem like Sony actually value their customers, with their poor marketing. Won't even have a special PS3 bundle for the rest of the world. They really do value us greatly.*cough* *cough* Perhaps it's time for Sony to listen to their customers, that may help a bit.
Daz 12 Feb 2010 20:22
it's not that special, a 250GB HDD, (my PS3 has a 320GB HDD) two wireless controllers, standard edition of the game and some useless avatar items, the only people who should bother with it are people who want FFXIII for 360 but don't own one (which I doubt is a lot) otherwise It'll probably be cheaper to wait for the 250GB HDD to come out on it's own and get the standard edition now.
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