Xbox down-specced?

Faster CPU, but slower graphics chip means Xbox likely to push fewer polys per second

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Xbox down-specced?
Microsoft’s Xbox will be the most the most advanced and powerful console when it is released. The PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Dreamcast are all going to have some serious competition on their hands. The Xbox is going to be a powerful PC in a friendly easy to use little box.

It is only a few days until Microsoft finally reveals the final design of the Xbox and its controller at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Just prior to the show Microsoft has announced changes to the specifications to the Xbox. The news is not good we’re afraid, it seems that Microsoft are lowering the speed of the graphic processing unit of the Xbox.

The original speed of 300MHZ is being lowered to 250MHZ. This will effectively mean that the raw polygon pushing power of the Xbox will be reduced to 125 million polygons a second, down from 150 million. The core speed of the processor is being increased to 733MHZ to compensate for the graphic processing unit. The central processor will be responsible for elements such as in-game artificial intelligence and real life physics. Even though Microsoft is lowering the specifications of the Xbox it will still be the most powerful console available, running approximately three times as fast as a PlayStation 2. We’ll bring you shots of the final design in the next week or so, keep tuned.


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