Video game slump in Japan

The industry’s summer drought bites hard.

Posted by Staff
Video game slump in Japan
We’ve been closely following hardware sales in Japan over the past three months, and as the dry period hits the home of video games, hardware sales have generally halved across the board.

Figures for March revealed a healthy month for PlayStation 2, achieving figures in excess of 100,000 units, but since then, that number has fallen to less than 45,000 in the week beginning June 17.

Similarly, and in the same 12-week period, GameCube sales have plummeted from 21,312 to just 6,580, and GBA numbers have dropped from 57,230 and 31,286.

On average, Xbox and PSone sales have been neck and neck, each shifting in the region of 3,000-5,000 consoles per week. Not the best result Microsoft could have hoped for, but you have to congratulate Sony for outselling the world’s most powerful console with eight-year-old technology.

Tune in soon for more oriental statistics!


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