Microsoft Raises Kinect Sales Estimate by 2 Million

The Holidays sales up and up

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Microsoft Raises Kinect Sales Estimate by 2 Million
According to Bloomberg tech reporter, Dina Bass, the head of all things Xbox - Don Mattrick - has hiked up estimates for sales of Kinect from three million to five million this year.

According to Ms Bass:

"Microsoft expects to sell 5 million Kinect devices at Christmas, up from previous forecast of 3 million"

She followed this up with, "That would make Kinect the biggest Xbox product launch ever in terms of sales, according to Microsoft's Don Mattrick."

Then again, she also quoted Michael Pachter saying that "For this Christmas, Pachter expects Move unit sales of about 3 million. Microsoft is predicting Kinect unit sales of 5 mln by then."


deleted 4 Nov 2010 09:40
I wonder how many will be returned, just read some of the first reviews and it seems that 6-8 feet is pretty much a strict requirement, I am very tempted to cancel my pre order because my games room has about 3 feet between the TV and my Sofa and no matter how I rearrange it will not give me more than 4-5 feet, sure i can put it in the living room plenty of space, but that's not gonna last long as the Mrs is not going to be impressed with losing the TV every time someone wants a Kinect session. i feel this barrier hasn't been communicated to the consumer and its going to cause big problems!
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