Microsoft-Sega buy-out rears again

VIP tours, with posh water and everything.

Posted by Staff
More power-rumouring occurred over the weekend relating to Microsoft’s alleged buy-out of Sega Enterprises. In tales mirroring gossip of last month, apparently last week and this weekend saw much sinister goings on.

Spies are suggesting that Microsoft officials have been taking detailed tours of several Sega offices and been engaged in high-level meetings, both in the US and Japan.

Furthermore, according to reports, Sega board members have been meeting with Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox team for what has been described as “serious preliminaries”, whatever that means.

We think that a Sega buy-out is possible, but not quite yet. Following the firm getting a serious kicking at the hands of EA Sports in the US, and achieving mediocre sales on its key franchises, Sega may end up with no choice.

Keep an eye and ear handy later in the year.


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