Japan Hardware: PS3 And Wii In Close Quarters

Sony's console outsells Wii by a squeeze.

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Japan Hardware: PS3 And Wii In Close Quarters
The Japanese hardware sales heat up this week, as the PlayStation 3 inches ahead of the Wii by a mere horse's hair. The release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and Heavy Rain helped contribute to Sony's fortunes.

Home Console
PS3: 32,130
Wii: 31,652
360: 2,453
PS2: 1,883

PSP: 32,796
DSi LL: 24,388
DSi: 15,380
DS Lite: 5,053
PSP Go: 1,371

(Charted from 15th - 21st February 2010, courtesy Media Create)

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 isn't doing so well at all – just a few weeks ago it looked like it was going to break 5,000 units a week (stop sniggering, the console's not doing all that hot in Japan, let's give it some support) but this week it barely reached 3,000. Capcom's recent announcements with Microsoft seemed to have pumped some interest in the console, but as yet that hasn't translated to a spike in sales.

The PSP continues it's reign of the handheld charts, even though the DS family combined would handily whup Sony's effort from here to kingdom come. God Eater helped the UMD device reach healthy sales this week, but apathy for the PSP Go seems to be mounting as the digital download spinoff continues to drop.


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