120Gb Xbox To Spoil PS3 Launch

Major Australian retail chain claims ?deluxe 360? due in April pushed back to March

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The Deluxe Black Xbox!<br>Well, not... this comes courtesy of xbox-accessories.com
The Deluxe Black Xbox!
Well, not... this comes courtesy of xbox-accessories.com
You knew it was going to happen; you knew that somehow Microsoft and Nintendo weren?t going to give March 23rd to PlayStation in the PAL territories. News leaked from Australia retailer chain, Myers (think Debenhams) is that Microsoft is going to release a black, 120Gb Xbox 360 just in time to spoil the antipodean PS3 launch.

A quote from a Myers insider following a product training session goes into detail:

??Well day 2 of product knowledge today (Brisbane, Australia) featured Microsoft themselves and it?s now 100% official that the Black 360, (with black controller), 120gb hard drive and HDMI is due out in Australia for $749 AU in April. They will try to push this forward to late March to deter buyers from the March 23 PS3 launch.?

If it?s launching down-under, there is no reason to believe that it won?t launch in the UK and other PAL territories. Of course, if this could also be merely a rumour planted to suggest a spoiling 360. Either way Microsoft is standing by the standard industry-wide line that it does not comment on rumour or speculation.

Sony took the same position when we spoke to a UK spokesperson today.



schnide 8 Feb 2007 15:43
"Desperation's what you need.." [With credit to Roy Castle]
RiseFromYourGrave 8 Feb 2007 16:58
if its got the 65 nm cpu, im there
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