Bach: Price cut not the power behind upped Xbox sales

8% revenue gains for HED.

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Bach: Price cut not the power behind upped Xbox sales
Microsoft has announced that its Home Entertainment Division, part of which is made up of the Xbox project, has seen increased revenues by 8% in quarter-on-quarter comparisons, though according to Xbox chief Robbie Bach, the recent price hacks were not the driving force behind this.

“Certainly the price cut probably had some effect, though I think most people would tell you the effect has been pretty modest”, he said. Bach also mentioned that global sales of Xbox now stand at 9.4 million, a respectable count by anyone’s reckoning.

However, fewer than one million units have been shifted in Japan. “We're making progress from an organisational perspective in Japan,” Bach said. "The share numbers haven't really moved one way or another.”

Exactly what ‘organisational perspective’ means what not clarified, though perhaps the mass-sackings at the firm’s Xbox Japanese HQ is part of the restructuring and repositioning the console push needs in the region.


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