Oblivion does the business

More than 1.7 million sold

Posted by Staff
Take 2 has just announced some pretty impressive sales figures for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PC and Xbox 360, having shifted in excess of 1.7 million units of the critically-acclaimed RPG to date. The game has become the fastest-selling title yet on Xbox 360 and has topped the charts on both sides of the pond.

Japan clearly doesn’t count, as the Japanese have famously poo poo-ed Bill Gates’s wonder machine. However, SPOnG is pretty sure that Microsoft, Take 2 and Bethesda are not really all that worried about the fledgling Japanese market, looking at these startling figures for the US and Europe.

"We are very encouraged by the worldwide consumer demand for Oblivion," stated Paul Eibeler, Take-Two's President and Chief Executive Officer. "The development team promised and delivered the first true next generation role playing game experience."

Well, there's an understatement. Surely he means something along the lines of “YES! GET. IN.” Oh no, we forgot. This is no longer the accepted style for corporate/financial press releases.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is rated 15 by the BBFC and is available for both the PC and Xbox 360 in regular and Collector's editions. Oblivion is currently the #1 ranked Xbox 360 game and the #1 ranked PC game on both MetaCritic.com and GameRankings.com. Which is kind of another way of saying it is the best game in the world right now, according to a lot of gamers.

For more information on this awesome single-player RPG which has injected new life into fantasy gaming worldwide, check the official website at www.elderscrolls.com. You can read SPOnG's full review of Oblivion by clicking here.


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