Microsoft Ramping Up Security Ahead of Next Xbox Reveal

Restricted access established at Interactive Entertainment Business Division on campus.

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Microsoft Ramping Up Security Ahead of Next Xbox Reveal
Looks like somebody's getting ready to talk about a new Xbox! Microsoft is reportedly beefing up its security at four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings to make sure that there are no leaks regarding its upcoming products.

According to Geekwire, security has been boosted "to an unprecedented level", and it's the first time that the company has taken such steps to maintain confidentiality. Employees were told this week that employee access will be limited at Microsoft Studios A, B, C, and D on the Redmond campus.

The new measures state (via Geekwire) that "only employees and vendors in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business or assigned to the buildings will have open access. Other employees and vendors who need to enter the buildings for business reasons will need to go through an online registration process or register at the buildings as visitors, escorted by another employee with access to the buildings."

Microsoft recently had its next-generation plans busted wide open when an internal document outlining potential ideas for a new Xbox began circulating the internet. If the company's next console is indeed due to hit in late 2013 as rumours say, then ramping up security is quite a smart move.


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