Microsoft to Publish Kingdom Under Fire

The Crusaders comes to Xbox.

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Microsoft to Publish Kingdom Under Fire
Microsoft has revealed that it is set to publish Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusades for Xbox, despite having seen fit to drop True Fantasy Online into a void of abandoned half-finished projects earlier in the week. Phantagram of Korea is responsible for development, having already delivered a Kingdom Under Fire title to PC gamers back in 2001. It is surprising to learn that Microsoft has picked this one up, bearing in mind that Microsoft Game Studios Japan couldnít even get the US branch to publish their own supposed landmark title, Phantom Dust. One can only assume that Kingdom Under Fire has sufficient qualities to meet what must be acutely exacting standards.

The gameplay mixes RTS and action elements with a strong strategic focus, and also offers head-to-head and deathmatch battles. It would be fair to say that there arenít many games of this sort available for Xbox, so when Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusades arrives on Xbox this autumn it should be able to carve out its own little niche. The fact that the multiplayer action is also Live! enabled can only help its cause.


Joji 4 Jun 2004 11:20
Good news to heal the wounds of TFO. It makes more sense now. Phantagram are RPG masters on the PC in the east, especially South Korea. Kingdom Under Fire is a cool game and is already established with plenty of users. Korean rpgs are becoming more popular with everyone. This is very good news, and you'll get to play with some interesting new people.

All Xbox needs now is Ragnorok Online and I'll be there for sure. Just hope the Koreans don't come after you for beating them at the game. Lol.
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