Microsoft Teases Forza 4 Head-Tracking


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Microsoft Teases Forza 4 Head-Tracking
Forza 4 is going to be present at E3 this year. You know it, I know it, the world and his dog knows it. So Microsoft has very kindly teased a detail or two about the game in video form ahead of the festivities in LA, with the main focus being the head-tracking feature with Kinect.

Moving your head ever so slightly to the left and right will change the viewpoint of the driver and allow you to see around the car as you race. It's pretty nifty stuff, and we can't wait to try it out for ourselves to see if it works as well as it seems.

Catch the preview in video form below, along with a totally staged 'beep' moment in where one of Major Nelson's colleagues 'lets slip' an unannounced game. Oh, you guys.


PaulRayment 1 Jun 2011 11:56
So full body tracking means that a racing game still needs you to use a controller or in this case a wheel and peddles. I hear Forza will have a Kinect race but it will just be Joy Ride but with sexier graphics.

If Kinect can't do racing properly then what can it do?
Tom 1 Jun 2011 11:57
I'm pretty sure this feature is in Gran Turismo 5 with Playstaion Eye. Yeah, it doesn't work.
Cfan 1 Jun 2011 16:27
@PaulRayment, It can track your faps? plus you can use it as the head of Johnny Five.
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