Robbie Bach Talks ‘Live on Windows’

More from Microsoft’s CES showing in Vegas

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Robbie Bach
Robbie Bach
Following its earlier bullish announcements that 360 has sold well over 10 million units to date and the outlined plans to bring a fully-integrated IPTV service to 360 later this year, Microsoft’s Entertainment division bossman, Robbie Bach, stressed the company's continuing support for Windows as a gaming platform at CES earlier today.

Bach informed the assembled hacks and geeks at CES that, "The PC and Windows is the number one gaming platform in the world. Two hundred million people every month play games on Windows."

To illustrate the point, Bach showed off a video detailing the wide range of both casual and hardcore titles both currently and soon-to-be available including a Windows version of the hugely popular Xbox Live Arcade game Geometry Wars.

Brief video clips of upcoming games, included such titles as Supreme Commander, Alan Wake, Shadowrun, Bioshock, Hellgate: London, World in Conflict, Age of Conan, and the drop-dead-gorgeous Crysis.

In addition, Bach showed off a version of XBL title Uno running on Windows that was compatible with the company's upcoming 'Live on Windows' service – essentially Xbox Live on PC, which unsurprisingly has pretty much the same look and matchmaking and community features on PC as it does on console.

Fans of Uno will be able to play cross-platform games when the Live on Windows launches sometime this summer, according to Bach.

Bach closed his CES talk with mention of some upcoming 360 titles to look out for in 2007 including Halo 3 (obv!), Mass Effect, and Grand Theft Auto 4.

Tellingly he also included a couple of party/rhythm-action titles for good measure, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero II which, as SPOnG reported last Friday, gets a worldwide launch on 360 this coming March.


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