Free XBLA Games For Inviting Friends

Not if your Billy No Mates though

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Microsoft has today announced a plan to ramp up 360 sales in the busy run up to Christmas. The company plans to reward 360 gamers and one of their chosen friends with a selection of ten quality free Xbox Live Arcade titles (that’s free, as in for free money) though there is one little ‘catch’ – you have to persuade your mate to buy an Xbox 360 first. Big f***ing catch then.

What with continuing Wii shortages and a lacklustre line-up of PS3 exclusive titles this year, Microsoft looks set to ‘pwn’ Christmas yet again with a stellar line-up of 360-exclusive games this year including Mass Effect, Halo 3 and new party/quiz title Scene It! (pictured here) amongst many others.

The freebie XBLA titles you and your new-360-owning mate will get if you take part in this latest promo include Every Extend Extra Extreme, Sonic The Hedgehog, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Bomberman Live, Marble Blast Ultra, Spyglass Boardgames, 3D Mini Golf Adventures, Small Arms, Assault Heroes and Zuma Deluxe.

Stephen McGill, Head of Gaming and Entertainment, Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft UK is a man who knows how to give good quote, serving up this beauty, "Going into this holiday period with one of the greatest line ups in video game history is certainly a compelling reason for a friend to jump into the world of Xbox 360…However, this incredible offer also enforces the fact we’ve got an exceptional online service in Xbox Live, which truly does bring everyone together".

Check out for further information on this latest 360 bribe/offer.



deleted 20 Nov 2007 13:12
i have just signed this thing on, now i didnt really persuade my mate to buy one he just did it and i just got his serial number and passed it on etc, but i take credit and have no remorse for a slight coning of softy as i have been nagging my mate to get one for a year now so i can kick his arse on GOW and now also on halo 3!!
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