First Official Xbox 360 Sales Figures Emerge!

70,000 hardware units shipped, chart entries detailed.

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First Official Xbox 360 Sales Figures Emerge!
The first official sales figures for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have emerged, showing a very strong outing for Microsoft’s new console in the UK. According to ChartTrack, the UK gobbled up a record-breaking 70,000 Xbox 360 hardware sets, knocking Nintendo’s GameCube launch into a cocked hat.

The £279 Premium hard drive-enabled set was the most popular, outselling the £209 core system by a 2:1 ratio. The launch doesn’t match recent releases by Nintendo, notably the debut of the DS which clocked up almost 90,000 sales when it went on release, though the figure is a UK best for home machines.

Software sales for the Xbox 360 didn’t take off as well as one might have expected, with Perfect Dark Zero coming in at 12 in the all-formats chart, closely followed by the excellent Project Gotham Racing 3 at 16. Kameo didn’t chart.

“The demand for Xbox 360 has been incredible and we are well aware that many gamers are disappointed to have not got their Xbox 360 on day one”, said Neil Thompson, Senior European Regional Director, Home and Entertainment Division in a press release issued this afternoon. “We are working around the clock to manufacture as many Xbox 360s as we can and are replenishing retail stores in Europe in the weeks coming up to Christmas. We remain committed to delivering up to 3 million consoles to consumers worldwide in our first 90 days alone. Consumers should check back with their retailers frequently.”

We are still awaiting final figures from the US, though analysts recent said they predicted sales of between 300,000 and 400,000 hardware units. Read the full report here.


majin dboy 6 Dec 2005 15:33
is that good sales figures for UK?
i know the DS is well cheaper but still the 360 is nxt gen,i thot it would have sold more.although it probaly would if there was more available.
tyrion 6 Dec 2005 16:23
majin dboy wrote:
is that good sales figures for UK?

The Xbox 360 had the best ever launch of any non-portable console in the UK. However, the DS sold 87,000 and the PSP sold 185,000 over the same length launch periods.

To be honest, the PS2 and the GameCube both sold out at launch, but what we are seeing is an increase in production capacity over the years.

Almost every unit has sold for every console launch in the UK since the PS2, with the exception of the original Xbox.

That's why the Xbox had a price drop six weeks after launch in the UK!
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