Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Rewards Scheme

Get Points for spending Points.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Rewards Scheme
Microsoft has revealed its plans for the upcoming Xbox Live Rewards program on the Xbox 360 website.

The service has been in testing for over a year now, but now it seems things are ready for an official launch. The Xbox Live Rewards initiative aims to give gamers some incentive when spending Microsoft Points. Additional MSP is awarded to those who buy Marketplace content, renew an Xbox Live Gold Account or take part in various customer surveys.

Sound good? Taking advantage of the program is as simple as signing up for an Xbox Live Account (Gold or Silver, doesn't matter - although the amount of free Points you warn varies depending on your account level) and clicking to join the Rewards scheme on the official website.

It's a bit janky - we signed up and it's telling us to "Upgrade to Gold" - but it seems functional. No doubt more details and a proper launch - traditional Microsoft fanfare and all - will take place very soon.


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