Rare Treats Us to Pocket Paradise Release

That sounded more rude than we'd meant

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Rare Treats Us to Pocket Paradise Release
Rare has gone and broken release date news for the UK and European (you can debate that in the Forum) versions of both Viva Piņata: Trouble in Paradise and Viva Piņata: Pocket Paradise. The developer is, however, savvy enough to caveat the days of release, stating, "But don't blame us if it all goes wrong. We're just passing on what we've been told, man."

Sensible chaps those Rare lot - as you can tell from our interview with Pocket Paradise mainmen, Gary Richards and Joe Humfrey.

So, the news is as follows:
United States: September 2nd
UK & Europe: September 5th

Says Rare, "The current schedule has both VP: TIP (from Microsoft Game Studios) and VP: PP (from THQ) launching in those territories on those dates. Then VP: PP begins to filter through to the rest of the world on the 11th, with VP: TIP not far behind."

And if all that wasn't enough, there's also a new and amusing Piņata related video for you to guffaw at. It even stars Louise Ridgeway the voice of "the real Leafos" and the Evil Editor is smitten.

You can see it below:


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