Xbox Live Arcade Revenues Up "200%"

Microsoft "leader" in digital distribution.

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Xbox Live Arcade Revenues Up "200%"
Microsoft has clearly had an incredibly successful summer with Xbox Live. We know this because Scott Austin, director of digitally distributed games on Xbox LIVE, has said as much. Look:

"It’s clear that we’ve had an incredibly successful summer, and the Xbox LIVE community loves the innovative gaming experiences we deliver” said Scott.

In fact, it's been this successful: the 1 vs 100 quiz has apparently been "downloaded nearly three million times during the 13 week pilot season". Live Arcade's Shadow Complex, Trials HDand Marvel vs. Capcom 2 have contributed to "200% (revenue) growth over last year’s program".

Scott Austin is so pumped by this that he's stated "We are the leader in digitally distributed games, have the best partners in the industry and work closely with them to offer the best in downloadable content and entertainment."

That should put some pepper in Apple and Sony's respective noses. We await their responses.


Joji 22 Sep 2009 13:47
Live Arcade is cool, its just a matter of getting those games onto it that are worthy. This years games are the best the service has had yet, and long may they get better. Trials HD and Marvel vs Capcom 2, were my choices, but I still feel 1200 points is a lot, when 800 was the decent enough standard. (Sales are few and far between too.)

In contrast, the same cant be said about Indie Games in comparison, which I feel, as many others do, has been kind of buried and ghettoed in the menus. If both Live Arcade and Indie games shared the same menu, but say split down the middle, giving each half, both would get enough exposure and do well.

I'm looking forward to Dust: The Elysian Tales, but I feel this cool game will get buried, and not achieve what it truly deserves. Its all against the little guy and that's a shame. Both Apple and MS still have this problem with listing of games, but it seems the exposure works out in favour of the big devs/pubs than the small guy.
JaredTizzle 22 Sep 2009 20:39
LIVE is great and all, but I think PSN has a lot of great games on it for good prices. What's more online gaming is free on a PS3, anyone into Battlefield 1943 can attest to how much that boosts interest. I say if you can get online for free and the console for free then why not? You can get a FREE 80gig PS3; just follow the link and follow the instructions and claim your gift.

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