Microsoft Details Live Diamond

Free stuff to fit in with YOUR lifestyle.

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Microsoft Details Live Diamond
Microsoft has released details on the Xbox Live Diamond Card, revealing not an enhanced access pass to its online gaming service but a discount card for shoppers, it seems. Lifestyle-conscious shoppers.

You are asked to go here and enter your Gamertag. Microsoft will then send you a personalised card which offers you the following goods and services:

Rent One Movie/Game Get a Second FREE at Hollywood Video.
20% off Etnies Skate Shoes and Apparel for Surf, BMX, and Snowsports.
15% off Cambridge Soundworks Speakers and Other Audio Equipment.
10% off Hot DVDs and CDs and SamGoody.
Buy One Sandwich and Get a Second One FREE at Carl's Jr., Quiznos, and others!

Microsoft states that this is just a teaser of the lifestyle-enhancing goodies it will offer Diamond Card users as a thank you for their ongoing use of Xbox Live. Of course, conspiracy theorists have [rightly] pointed out that the Diamond Card is yet another Trojan from Microsoft, conditioning online Xbox users to associate their consoles with great deals for stuff they might buy. It is likely that the Diamond Card is a precursor to the inevitable Xbox Live Store, through which we assume youth culture brands will pave the way for what will evolve into a fully-fledged online mall.

But that's all a secret right now. So don't tell anyone.


majin dboy 23 Dec 2005 14:02
screw quiznos,subway rules.
screw microsoft, nintendo rules.
OptimusP 23 Dec 2005 20:43
Right... well you can't blame MS for going where the money's at... they need to, if not profitable against 2007 stockholders will demand that the plug is taken out of the Xbox-project.

But all of this aiming at the MTV-crowd, I mean... what the crap... as gamer that wants top-quality orginal games on his plate and not all of that urban-whack trash, this is getting disturbing. They better give some real info about those MistWalker RPG's or else i'm going to start seeing the Xbox360 as the devilish catalysator of the inpending crash of the gameindustry.

And i'm in love, i found Pikmin 2 second hand... god that game is so funny, so well polished, so full of character, quite simple to control considering the RTS-elements in the gameplay. C'mon Microsoft, where's your Pikmin, where's your Wind Waker, show me something i can fall in love with fast!
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fluffstardx 23 Dec 2005 21:58
Play some full release games. The demos really don't do it justice; PGR3 looks awesome even in SD, and Kameo - which I absolutely detested at first try - is a real grower. Now if only it had been Banjo_kazooie in length...

The whole "Diamond" idea I was hoping would cover the MMOs like FFXI that are on the horizon. Ah well.
vault 13 24 Dec 2005 02:53
The only reason I want this card is so I can get 10% off a hot samgoody. Where the hell do I get one of those?!
fluffstardx 25 Dec 2005 11:44
Having followed the link... is anyone else worried by the "passport lifestyle" logo on the bottom of the card?
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