Kinect "off to a Rough Start" in Japan

Retailer predicts apathetic times.

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Kinect "off to a Rough Start" in Japan
Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral, Kinect, has struggled to capture the interest of Japanese consumers, following a report that the device has endured a "pretty rough start" in the country.

Taketo Matsuo, a merchandiser for major retailer Tsutaya, has said that Kinect is currently selling around a quarter of the numbers of Sony's PlayStation Move. The lack of the platform's launch titles in the retailer's best-selling charts was mentioned as a concern.

Matsuo also said that despite Microsoft's efforts to attract the "light user" (read: casual gamers), his experience was that mainly existing console owners were snapping up Kinect.

Media Create rankings for the week have yet to be published, and this only represents one retailer's consumer experience, so make of that what you will. But judging Microsoft's unfortunate performance in Japan so far, Matsuo's words sound like a bit of a 'heads up' to us.

Source: Mantan-Web (via 1UP)


Tripled the sale of the 360 in two days of sales 25 Nov 2010 12:32
Kinect done better than expected it tripled the sales of the 360 and only two days of sales were counted so next week it could be higher.

The problem with Move sales v Kinect sales is the way Move sales are counted,
Some count the starter kit an extra wand and a navi controller as 3 Moves sold !!!!!!!, some count just the wand sold as another Move sold so if that is common practice then Move is not doing anywhere near as well as any figures would suggest.

Sony need to confirm just exactly what a Move sale actually is because if it is anything more than just the starter pack alone then this needs to be clarified....
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