E3: Halo Wars Gets Moving

New video and screens

Posted by Staff
Microsoft's E3 keynote might not have yielded the announcement of the recently-rumoured brand-spanking new Halo game, but it has turned up some juicy new Halo Wars screens and a tasty trailer.

SPOnG's encouraged by the game's recent resurgence. We were starting to fear we'd dreamed the whole thing, but Chris Satchell, head of Microsoft's game developer group recently told SPOnG, "they're working hard on it, they're cranking on that. I think it's gonna be a very good game." SPOnG can't speak for the game's quality, but the RTS's appearance here certainly proves that Microsoft hasn't forgotten about it.

So, the rumours of Halo: Blue that were circulating the Internet yesterday... are just rumours then.

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