Peter Jackson's Halo Project To Be Episodic

Microsoft gets busy at breakfast

Posted by Staff
Shane Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, has revealed that Lord of the Rings and Bad Taste director, Peter Jackson’s, upcoming Halo project will be episodic.

Speaking at the second annual ‘Blogger Breakfast’ at GDC Kim said, "Peter Jackson is developing two episodic series, the first is in the Halo universe."

The fact that Jackson (and his recently-formed studio Wingnuts is working on two projects for Microsoft, one being Halo-based, was revealed last year at X06. The fact that both projects are to be episodic, however, marks a new direction for both the 360 and console gaming as a whole.

When asked about the mystery project, Kim's lips were firmly sealed, “I may have said too much already” was all he would venture.

At least we have a better idea of what Jackson's doing whilst he gets on with not making the Halo movie...

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OptimusP 9 Mar 2007 11:45
Why do they always use the term Episodic when they actually mean "WE WANT YOUR MONEY, FOR LESS, BUT MORE FREQUENT!!"
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