Europe Gets Forza 3 First

Plus: face of Forza revealed

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has confirmed the European release date for Forza 3. We're getting it before our North American buddies. By four whole days.

The game will be on European shelves as of October 23rd. The US release isn't until October 27th. Insert snivelling, juvenile exclamation of old Empire smugness here.

Microsoft also revealed that Swiss "female racing sensation" Natacha Gachnang is the European "face of Forza". Of Gachnang Microsoft tells us, "In December 2008, Gachnang was announced as the first ever female driver to race in the FIA Formula Two Championships. The 21 year old, who is the cousin of... no, we can't keep that up.

Natacha has apparently been in Seattle with developer Turn 10, consulting on the realism of the cars and tracks - the ones she's driven in/on, anyway. Presumably she'll also be making some public appearances and whatnot.

Ready for the quote? “What a buzz – the tracks, the cars, the handling – the attention to detail is incredible. Forza 3 is a car fans (sic) dream! It really feels like I’m right there, in the car, racing round the tracks, all in the comfort of my own living room!” Natacha Gachnang apparently said. If that's true, she really should probably stop racing professionally. Good news about Forza 3 though!


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