Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Games Offensive

Game Room, Fable III and PES on your mobile.

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Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Games Offensive
Microsoft spent plenty of time on Windows Phone 7 at last night's CES 2011 keynote, with plenty of games lined up to support its mobile platform strategy.

Among the titles to be announced for compatible devices is a spinoff of Fable III titled Coin Golf. This awfully British puzzler is based on traditional pub games and can net you additional gold and character skills for your character on the Xbox 360 version of Fable III.

Konami also revealed a version of Pro Evolution Soccer built specifically for mobile devices. As you'd expect, specific plays and commands will be implemented into a touch-based interface. The Windows Phone 7 version will include a new 'true flow' system that offers players the chance to use simplified AI-assisted controls or on-screen simulated joypad buttons for classic play.

Also announced was a mobile version of Game Room, packing a bundle of classic arcade games onto your phone including Centipede, Asteroids Deluxe, Shao-Lin's Road, Time Pilot, Lunar Lander and Pitfall; a version of Pac-Man with tweaked controls and ngmoco's Pocket God.


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